Bizydale boss is a fan of Steve Jobs & Apple, says he loves to buy new gadgets after every launch

Satyajeet Pradhan, Co-founder ofandfeels now that we’re primarily homebound, it’s all tech, all the time. ‘We are now living in a strange new world where the day starts with meetings on Zoom, Google Meet and ends with talking to family, friends on face time. Amidst the fear of pandemic, even the weekend outings with family have changed to Netflix and food from food delivery apps. However I try my best to manage effective screen time by having a family time or tech free breaks where I am not available for any virtual communications or e-socialize,’ he says.

Go to gadgets
When it comes to the two gadgets that he can’t live without, Pradhan says, ‘My Phone as it keeps me organized, mobile and stay connected. Let it be virtual meetings, or chat with team, colleagues, family and friends, task management, bank transactions, Maps use during travel,everything I prefer to have it on my fingertips. Second gadget would be my power bank as it helps me not lose out on my actions in case my phone is drained.’

He has an iPhone as he is a fan of Steve Jobs and Apple. ‘Not sure if that’s a hobby, however I love buying their gadgets after every launch. I like their display quality and smoothness. I am always attached to my phone, I have to! As I carry out most of my virtual meetings on phone,’ he says.

Recently, Pradhan came across a Smart Facemask with Bluetooth, made by SpaceX. ‘I really loved it! It’s called Xupermask. It has 3-speed fans that allows breathability inside and is also equipped with HEPA filters for protection against pollution and Coronavirus! Also it comes with noise-reduction headphone and a LED light for walk during darkness in the night,’ he shares.

App snap
Pradhan’s frequent used apps are Zoom, Gmail, Hangout, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Asana,, Swiggy, some flight and hotel booking apps, Google Pay,, his bank’s app, some health apps including Denta Mitra for his daily oral care and Netflix.

‘All Google apps, Whatsapp, Asana, Zoom I use for my work and social media apps like Twitter or Facebook, or e-book reading app like Kindle when I want to switch off. Three apps that I would recommend to everyone is Zoom for easy, smooth video call meetings and it also comes with recording feature incase you want to refer the discussion in future. I also like Whatsapp for group discussions and Denta Mitra for preventive Oral care and treatments at home. I use Asana for my daily task management, Reminders and Notes app as they help me stay organized and focused,’ he adds.

Pradhan has an Apple Watch series 6. He uses it as a daily health tracker including his oxygen rate and daily sleep. ‘I use it also for checking messages, or call receiver, Siri, and also for my boarding passes, maps when I am on travel. Well, my smart watch is constantly keeping me smart, fast. Also now, the notifications help me not miss any important messages,’ he says.

Hi-tech investment
Pradhan has invested in high Internet speed. He also bought a 1 TB Hard disk to store his heavy files.

‘I have a habit of keeping my daily life organized and flexible. That’s why more than office visit policy I ask my team to focus on task visit policy. Staying digitally equipped, Virtual meeting apps, task management apps are a part of our work culture even before the Pandemic. We use apps like Asana, Reminders App to help me stay organized,’ he says.

He mostly uses his Bluetooth noise reduction headphone from JBL or airpods during his virtual meetings.

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