Broadridge India MD tries to recreate the office environment at home

V, MD of, feels the world has seen a lot of changes over the last few months and shifting from anto home has been one of them.

He told ET Panache, ‘While it has been a challenge, I think that the human ability to adapt to adverse situations has proven itself time and time again. Structure plays a very important role in being productive and to stay motivated. So, I try and recreate the office environment at home as much as I can. The home library has now become my dedicated office space.’

Laxmikanth wears his office formals as much as he can to work. In a time of crisis, creating 4,000 home offices as quickly and efficiently posed a major challenge for the company.

‘Nobody can prepare for such a crisis, the inner strength and culture of the organization that is built over years is key. It required coordination, determination and can-do attitude from all. More importantly it required everyone to think and act on their feet – Edge Leadership. We also received great support and cooperation from the families,’ Laxmikanth said.

Theis someone who believes in routines and habits. ‘I spend most of the day working in both Indian and US time but I make sure that I have my meals with my family. My evenings are spent watching TV shows with my wife, or discussing different topics with my daughters,’ he said.

Laxmikanth goes for morning walks, and does some lightweight training at home.

‘I also use the trampoline. It is fun and is a form of HIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I have always been a voracious reader. I try and read on as many topics as I can. Recently I’ve picked up listening to Podcasts and watching informationalvideos. I think it’s a good way to keep learning,’ he ended.

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