Cabin fever from coronavirus? Divert yourself with erotic hypnosis

Millions of people the world over have hunkered down at home to mitigate the spread of the. Cabin fever is on the rise. And for those who’ve washed their disinfectant marinated hands of— for the time being — science has a new cure: Erotic.

Imagine you’re lying in bed, fully clothed. Your eyes are shut. Nestled against the pillow is your phone. A YouTube video is playing. A series of geometric shapes waltz across the screen, while bursts of electronic sounds punctuate the static. Your heartbeat quickens. A shrill voice informs you through the earphones — with academic certainty — that you are going to have an orgasm.

You wait expectantly for the hands-free orgasm. The voice takes charge of your hormones, guiding you to the point of sexual release without touching yourself or being touched.

Erotic hypnosis puts users into a trance for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

“Orgasm is generated in the brain, so if you could get your brain to that place then there’s no reason why it couldn’t happen. But some people are more open to that than others,” says Colin Richard, a sex therapist who runs the website Intimacy Matters.

Unlike audio porn, which invariably makes one use their hands, erotic hypnosis achieves the same end by putting users into a trance for the purpose of. However, unlike other forms of hypnotism, it is possible to walk away from sexual encounters of the metaphysical kind by merely pausing the YouTube video.

“Hands-free orgasm is like nothing I’d ever experienced before. My first hypno-orgasm was insane, I was genuinely in shock for hours at the intensity of it. I have since learned to orgasm pretty much on command,” a satisfied user commented.

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