ClanConnect COO will use his flyer miles to visit Coorg & Nainital, shares his post-Covid bucket list

Kunal Kishore Sinha, COO,.ai shares what he plans to do after Covid restrictions are lifted.

Post-Covid bucket list
“While there are a lot of things I’m planning to do once normalcy is restored, I believe I’m looking forward to traveling the most. The flight curbs have thrown a wrench into all our holiday plans and I’m planning to actively catch up on my travel once restrictions are eased. I’m likely to leave every alternate month for travel – and not just for work!

I’m also eagerly waiting to get back to my fitness regime. I used to enjoy playing squash regularly before the outbreak, which is not possible now. I will surely get back to it as soon as it is safe to do so. I’m also looking forward to catching up with the entire team, attending conferences and industry events, and meeting industry peers after a long break.”

Frequent-flyer miles

“After a stressful few months, I’m very keen on exploring, a peaceful hill station in Karnataka which is known as. There is also a beautiful property in Nainital calledwhich is very interesting. I can just picture myself spending 5 nights at the quaint property with books and nothing else. As for international destinations, Santorini was on my 2020 bucket list before the COVID-19 outbreak. I will definitely revisit the plan next year if possible.”

“In the current situation, there is a dire need for spa treatments since they can melt away the daily stress. I used to get spa treatments every 30 days or so, and now when stress-relief must be on the top of our priority lists, I am missing those relaxing sessions.”

Food cravings…
“Without a doubt, I cannot wait to go to Bukhara at ITC Maurya for some indulgent Indian food.”

Favourite shopping destinations…
“I like to collect unique glasses and have always found amazing frames and different styles for my collection in London and Miami. In Miami, there’s an entire lane where you can pick up styles that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, New York and Hong Kong are also great shopping destinations. One thing I wish I purchased before the lockdown is a great gaming console which would have helped this prolonged stay at home. Looking ahead, I am excited about the launch of the new iPhone.”

Pandemic buys
“I bought a very good quality professional lapel mic for the multiple Zoom calls and Webinars that has been an essential part of my work from home experience. From an entertainment tech standpoint, I invested in my home entertainment setup.”

A skill I picked up during the lockdown…
“I’ve picked a very unique hobby during the lockdown which is making cocktails! It’s very interesting to actually read and research about the origin and history of every cocktail and then actually make it. It’s like a story you’re exploring instead of just mixing drinks. Anyone who’s tried my cocktails has said that they are better than the ones they’ve had at 5-stars and fancy bars. I’ll actually continue to hone these cocktail-making skills since it makes for a good evening – you don’t miss going to a bar and having a great drink.”

Keeping fit
“I use a combination of exercises to stay fit. On alternate days I go for outdoor runs and on other days I follow free weights exercise routines by YouTuber Jordan Yeoh. To keep myself toned, I also practice strength training on the weekends.”

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