Ranveer Singh decodes the ZXience of ‘squishiness’ in the latest adidas Originals sneakers

The lives we live are often hectic and fast-paced. Most often, the daily struggles squeeze the life out of us, just how an Alphonso mango made to travel from the market to a home, can lose all its ‘squishiness’. It might come across as a bizarre comparison, but not until you see actoruse his fun quirky side to make this comparison super impactful in a new uber-cool animation for adidas Originals’ new sneaker range ZX 2K Boost. “The journey of life and the agonies of existence make you lose your squishiness…” he says, but goes on to investigate the ‘squishiness’ of the new ZX! Check out the trippy feature below, where Ranveer offers a window into his stream of consciousness, candidly describing – different oddly satisfying qualities associated with the new ZX 2K BOOST from adidas!

The ‘stream of conZXiousness’ film

Wasn’t it a total pleasure watching him use his quirks to investigate ‘squishiness’?! More often than not, Ranveer’shave put him in the centre of one fashion storm or another, but the man knows how to carry off his choices with nonchalance. And now with adidas Originals, he is representing the Indian sneaker culture on the global map, sharing the dais with some of the most creative and passionate sneakerheads known worldwide with the ZXience Network.

Let us for now walk you through more on the new ZX 2K Boost.

The Original ZX Series

Adidas has constantly innovated its original ZX series, one of its longest-running and most successful verticals through decades. A testing ground for new technologies like the Torsion system and Soft Cell cushioning to make it better suited to everyday lifestyle, the brand is once again revamping it to ZX 2K Boost to “celebrate comfort in whatever form it takes”. It is giving the new generation of ZX series “a sensation over logic” with the latest technology, cutting edge performance, aesthetic design, and the ultimate squish! Reimagining the next generation of ZX through a unique lens, adidas Originals’ latest campaign champions comfort in whatever form it takes. How? With the ZX 2K features!

The ZX 2K Boost: Features

It has a wrapped Boost sole unit for comfort. One of the defining features of the ZX 2K range is the splashes of colours it comes in. The bold ombre colour palette and a vivid gradient sole are head turners. For men, the ZX 2K features a white mesh upper with contrasting shock pink stripes and a gradient outsole which transitions from shock pink at the toe to blue at the heel. Women’s exclusive model has a white mesh upper with contrasting black stripes, blue hits, shocking pink accents, and an all-white Adiprene X outsole. Just like Ranveer says you shouldn’t lose your squishiness, the brand says ZX 2K Boost won’t lose its squishiness ever!

Check out the entire ZX 2K Boost range

Zxience Network

What’s more! It is not just Ranveer investigating the squishiness. adidas has tapped three more creators – Gaming superstar Ninja, designer and vintage clothing maven Sean Wotherspoon and actress Mette Towley – to stream 12-hour long ‘oddly-satisfying’ and soothing content on its official YouTube in a page take over, to let these creators express themselves as they usher in audiences into their imagination! Trippy for sure!