Seven things you can do with your smartphone when you are offline

We rely on our smartphones for a host of things on a daily basis. Whether it is hailing a cab to go to work, ordering food, catching up on news or staying in touch with friends, the smartphone is always at our

and call. Little wonder that as soon as the phone goes offline, there’s a sense of dread and acute helplessness. We list a few things that you probably didn’t know your smartphone can do when it’s offline.

Check out our list:

Use it for navigation:is one of our favourite apps which works offline. This usually proves very useful when we are travelling to an area where our mobile data connectivity is low. Or when run out of balance on the prepaid connection (yes, we still use prepaid.)

In case you don’t know how to useMaps in the offline mode, you would be pleased to know that the app lets you download the entire map data of any particular. Just search for the location you are going to, and swipe up to see information card of that area. You can download the entire map of that area from there.

Watch videos on: Next time you’re going on a long haul flight, you don’t have to be worried about getting bored. You can save YouTube videos to watch them when you are offline – unless the flight offers in-flight entertainment. However, you have to download them when you’ve data connectivity. Just press on the ‘Save’ icon beneath the video and you’re set. There are other apps which have the same functionality, but most of them require a monthly subscription.

Listen to songs: Gone are the days when people downloaded songs and saved them on their device. Why use your phone’s storage space when there are apps to listen to music? Luckily, most of these apps like Gaana , let you save music for listening on offline mode. However, this is not for free and you would require a monthly subscription avail the service.

Read articles: If you love to read, you needn’t carry a book around. Your smartphone is enough, even without mobile data. You can save articles from the Internet on the Pocket app, and read them later when you are offline. The settings of the app, however, have to be adjusted accordingly. Just click on the three dots in the app, go to Settings and then scroll down to Offline settings. You can customise settings as per your needs.

Edit documents: Google Drive is one among the most popular cloud storage platforms. People save photos, videos, documents and more on Google Drive. But did you know that Drive also lets you edit documents even when you are not connected to the internet. However, the document must be downloaded first before you can edit it offline.

Take notes: There are a slew of apps which will let you take notes even without internet. Among these the popular ones areand ColorNote . If you like staying organized or don’t trust your memory and take notes so that you remember things, these apps will prove to be a blessing.

Use instant messaging apps: No,still hasn’t come up with this feature but there are other apps that allow users to exchange messages while they their phone is in offline mode. You can try Firechat . Using the app, one can chat with anyone within 200 feet of their location. Much like WhatsApp, messaging is free, but the difference is that you don’t require internet as the app works on Bluetooth. The app works on bothandand will help you save money when texting offline.